We make corporate gifting easy
so your team can make it personal

The Gifting Experience

A great gift goes beyond the box, it helps build better business relationships.

Shop from a range of unique gifts and experiences including one-of-a-kind, exclusive, and limited edition gifts that will complement your brand and delight your recipient.

With elegant packaging, easy personalization, and the ability to send gifts proven to have the highest satisfaction, you'll be able to gift with confidence and wow your clients, employees, partners or prospects.

Gift Curation

Our gifts are designed with your clients in mind.

No more forgettable, throw-away items that leave a poor impression - our unique gifts and experiences are carefully curated and include one-of-a-kind, exclusive, and limited edition gifts.

We only choose products that will complement your brand and bring notable value for their intended recipients.

But don't take our word for it.

With your account dashboard, you'll be able to view client gift data and history, automate reviews and feedback, and know exactly what gifts create the highest satisfaction.

We help you take the guessing out of gifting.

Your Gift Shop

No more dealing with multiple vendors, multiple websites, and multiple problems.

You'll get a secure, private, company-branded website that simplifies gifting for everyone in your organization.

Select the gifts that matter most to your clients, and we'll configure your account to help you:

  • Match the right gift to clients’ interests
  • Match your gifting spend to client value
  • Stay compliant with relevant regulatory and corporate guidelines
  • Encourage client upsell, repeat business, testimonials and referrals
  • Track and report gift shipment and receipt
  • Survey recipients to evaluate their satisfaction

Why You'll Love Gift My Client

On-brand gifting
Enhanced gift value
Targeted gift selection
Reduced costs
Guaranteed compliant
Streamlined administration
Confirmed client satisfaction
Quantified ROI
Increased client LTV
Get leads and endorsements


1What is Gift My Client?
Gift My Client is a next level, full service corporate gifting solution that includes a selection of unique gifts and experiences for corporate audiences, a custom account dashboard that lets you track and manage your company’s entire gifting process, and a range of automation features to increase client engagement and satisfaction.
2How much does Gift My Client cost?
Our products range in price from $25 to $1000. Our compliance, tracking and reporting services are priced according to the customer’s needs.
3How do I get started?
It’s simple, click here or call 866-989-3472
4What types of gifts do you offer?
Our product categories include Cosmetics & Body Care; DIY, Garden & Tools; Events; Food & Drinks; Getaways; Household Goods; Restaurants; Sports and Outdoor; Stationery & Hobby; Toys & Baby.
5Will the recipient know the gift is from me?
Yes! Every package includes a personalized message card featuring your company’s branding.
6What do the boxes and branding look like to the gift recipient?
Each product is shipped in stylish, secure packaging that contains a personalized message card featuring your company’s branding.
7Do you offer gift tracking?
Yes, we will notify you when your gift is shipped. We will also notify your recipient that a pleasant surprise is headed their way.
8Can I get help selecting gifts?
Absolutely! Feel free to contact us at any time.
9What do you mean by “customizing my account”?
We will work with you to assemble a distinct catalogue specifically for your organization, presented to your members in a secure online storefront.
10How will I know if people actually like the gifts sent to them?
We are in the business of client satisfaction. We follow up with every recipient to ensure their gift was received and welcomed. We use their feedback to continually refine and improve our product offerings.
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